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I studied physics and chemistry at the University of Southern Denmark and specialized in glaciology at the Niels Bohr Institute of the University of Copenhagen, from where I obtained my Master's Degree in 1997. Since then I worked in various reseach- and communication positions at the university, for the National Survey and Cadastre., and at the Danish National Space Center, where I also finished a Ph.D. in space physics in 2006.

My general interest in science originates in a burning curiosity and desire to "find things out." However, during time I also discovered that working as a scientist can be very uphill, often lonely, and sometimes hard to combine with family life. Since I've been concerned and involved in communication of various kinds as well as project management and organizing during all my professional life I decided to quit academia and persue a career based on these qualifications. This let to a challenging position as project coordinator in the Danish Road Directorate.



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